Garnock Valley Amateur Boxing Club.
Garnock Valley Amateur Boxing Club.
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Joining the Club

We believe that the toughest part of the Boxing workout is walking through the front door of the Club for the
first time, we also know that people are afraid that learning to box means getting a black eye and a bloody nose.

The Garnock valley Boxing Club demystifies the boxing experience, and alleviates your worst fears.

If you are convinced, the Garnock Valley Amatuer Boxing Club is right for you, and you have decided to give it a try, then please come to the Gym between 5.30pm and 7.30pm, Mondays through Thurdays for those who wish to learn to box.

Boxercise Class for Boys, Girls { 16 Years & Over } and adults takes place between 7.30pm & 9pm Mondays and Wednesdays.

Our Customised Gym is situated at :

Old Valley Arc Building in Glengarnock

Or contact T.Payne { President }  by email :

Why not take the first step and come along, you will be made very welcome