Garnock Valley Amateur Boxing Club.
Garnock Valley Amateur Boxing Club.
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Garnock Valley Amateur Boxing Club offers a superior level of fitness to other sports through a range of gym activities.
These activities are varied week-by-week to prove a range of exercises that improve skill, technique and confidence
The Categories below provide details of what happens in the Gym.
Warm Up.
Before any athlete can begin to perform, they must warm up to prepare their body for exercise. This helps to prevent pulled muscles and gives the body a gentle intoduction to heavy physical exercise.
Learning how to defend is as important as learning to attack. Technique exercises give the Boxer a chance to learn how to use and how to defend against attack.


Skipping allows a boxer to exercise his whole body as hard as he needs. It also improves footwork, an essential part of a boxers technique.
Pad Work
Having a Coach or Trainer giving one to one training tips are bound to improve performance. Pad Work allows a Coach to tease the best out of the boxer with verbal commands and strategic advice. Use of Pads as a target also sharpens the boxers eye.
Shadow Boxing
Shadow Boxing gives the boxer the opportunity to express themselves as freely as possible. The boxer can practice strategies, defensive and aggresive combinations and foorwork to suit any scenario they can think of.
Bag Work
Different Punch Bags and speed balls allow a boxer to practice his shots and improve coordination. Bag work give a boxer something solid to hit, relieving stress and improving focus.
The closest a boxer wiil come to getting into a boxing ring is sparring. Sparring offers a controlled, protective environment for boxers to learn what they might expect from an opponent.

Gym Work